The Kelowna Professional Fire Fighters Association are proud members of the International Association of Fire Fighters. We represent 104 fire suppression personel, 5 fire prevention personel, 2 training officers, 2 clerical personel, and 1 administration personel.


Our executive officers are responsible for negotiating wages, benefits and all other conditions pertaining to the collective agreement between the Union and the City, as well as ensuring a safe workplace and safe working conditions for the membership.


Our Association has always been politically active in lobbying all levels of government for legislation which protects and improves the safety and working conditions for our members and the public we serve. This includes such diverse issues as Hazardous Materials tracking systems (known as Operation Respond) and Haz Mat training; Canadian Airport Regulation changes to improve response to airplane disasters; cancer and heart legislation (our members have an almost 2:1 ratio of getting these diseases as compared to the general population); W.C.B. regulations on the protective equipment we wear; and enhancing our role as First Responders through training and regulatory changes in a layered pre-hospital care system.


Below are some examples that our Association takes part in.


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