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Auto Extrication


Vehicle manufacturers have done an incredible job of implementing safety devices that are designed to save lives in the event of a collision.  Airbags (which deploy at over 200 MPH), seatbelt tensioners (which contain a pyrotechnic device), and high voltage (in electric vehicles) are just a few of the dangers that we must be aware of when cutting a patient out of a car in order to prevent further injury or death to the them or the responder.  Each vehicle has many sensors placed in strategic areas in order to trigger the correct device at the point of impact.  Auto extrication has evolved over the years to adapt to the features that each manufacturer offers and now has responders literally removing the car from the patient rather than the patient from the car.

Motor Vehicle Accidents account for a large number of our call volume.  Not only do we deal with the technical aspect of extrication but we also clean fluid spills and debris from the roadways in order to prevent further accidents.

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