Honour Guard

Honour Guard


First formed in 1997, the Honour Guard has evolved over the years into a precision drill team that proudly represents the Department, IAFF and City of Kelowna at occasions throughout the year such as

  • Remembrance Day observance guarding the Kelowna Fire Department Cenotaph
  • 9/11 Memorial Ceremony
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Recruit firefighter graduation parades
  • Inaugural meetings of City Council
  • Opening ceremonies of IAFF provincial and district conventions, BC Fire Training Officers convention
  • and numerous other public and fundraising events

We have also opened a number of BC Association of Fire Chiefs annual meetings in Vernon, so are able to attend and assist with out of town events.


We will assist our brothers and sisters in neighbouring locals by teaching drill movements and assisting with the organization of their events.


Our mission is to become highly proficient in all aspects of drill and ceremony, adhering to the Canadian Forces standards whenever possible.  This includes all facets of the unfortunate reality of a funeral.


We do not carry weapons, rather hand tools related to our profession:

  • Axe
  • Pike Poles
  • Lath and Plaster Hook


To honour those who have carried, are carrying and will carry these vitally important implements, all of our tools have seen active service, some dating back to our beginnings in the early 1900’s.


We wish to thank the Fire Department, IAFF Local 953 as well as numerous local businesses for believing in us. None of this would be possible without their unwavering and ongoing support.



Nemo relinquetur

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