Kelowna Fire Fighters

The Kelowna Professional Fire Fighter’s Association Local 953 is comprised of 131 members working in suppression, prevention, dispatch and administration.


We proudly serve the 3rd largest metropolitan area in BC. Providing the over 125,000 residences of Kelowna with structural and wildland interface firefighting, first response to medical emergencies and vehicle extrication at motor vehicle incidents. We also provide nearly 190,000 with hazardous materials mitigation, high angle and swift water rescue responses as part of the Okanagan Regional District. We also provide mutual aid response to the largest Municipally owned Airport in Canada, YLW, with over 1 million passengers a year.

Fire Dispatch

Our 9-1-1 Fire Dispatch centre answers emergency and non emergency calls from the Kootneys to _________, a total population of _________. In 2018 they dispatched x calls to fire crews.


With 5 members in our fire prevention branch, we inspect multi family residential, industrial and commercial buildings with fire and life safety system inspections, as well as basic fire extinguisher training. We also provide fire prevention education with children and youth, along with our Fire Safety house provided by .